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"By this all people will know that you are my disciples,

if you have love for one another"

- John 13:35

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We hope Bellevue Church of Christ can be a blessing to you and your family. Please join us as we learn more about Jesus and sing praises to his name.

We have programs for ALL ages with Children’s Bible classes, a Sunday nursery, Youth Group, Young Adults, Family, Senior, Women’s and Men’s groups.

Our goal at Bellevue is to do life together and grow as a community of believers that have a passion for the helping world around us. Learn more about us here.

We also support many ministries in the local Puget Sound area and missions internationally.

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Weekly "Call To Worship" Encouragement

Life is a story. Or, rather, a series of stories. “What’s your story?” is a question we like to ask each other. Your story, like everyone else’s, has a specific arc to it: birth, childhood, education, work, family, and eventually death—but every story is different.

But you can’t tell your story without telling other stories. You are someone’s son or daughter, parent or grandparent, a friend or coworker. Your story is woven in with other stories - families, friendships, churches, businesses. And all of these stories are part of even larger stories, until we come to the grand story overarching it all—God’s story.

In the story of Esther in Chapter 4, her uncle Mordecai poses an important question to her: “Who knows but that you came to the kingdom for such a time as this?” He is not referring to “time” in our way of keeping time, but in God’s way of keeping time.

Story after story puts various, and little known heroes of faith in the place God needs them for his kingdom - Naaman, Jabez, Josiah, Mordecai, the men who lowered the paralyzed man through a roof for Jesus to heal, the widow with the hemorrhage, the Ethiopian eunuch and so many others. While each are specific stories set in a specific time, but they are always more than that — these are the stories of God’s interaction with and through people.

As we ask how each of these people fit the time in which they lived, we must also take the time to ask the same questions of ourselves: How do we fit into the time in which we live? What is our time? To what is the Lord calling us? God called out something from within each of the people we read of in the bible — something that was needed at that moment in the history God’s kingdom. God still does this, drawing out something — perhaps, like Moses some talent we didn’t even know we had — drawing out of US something for the sake of the kingdom.

I pray my life, your life right now is not just part of the story of God — it IS the story of God.

Inspired by: https://www.reformedworship.org/article/june-2012/story