About Us

Our Faith 

God promises to bless those who hear and read His Words. (Revelation 1:3). Understanding is still important, but there is a blessing whenever you read God's Word. He goes on to say that we need to "take to heart what is written." Still complete understanding does not come automatically. Start by reading/studying; then seek understanding; then put it into practice;  then teach others (Ezra 7:10)

If you visit on a Sunday morning you will find . . .

We offer Bible classes Sunday mornings to all ages, including children, teens, college, and adults. We dive into the scriptures and discuss how we can better share the gospel with the world. Ladies have their own Bible study on Sunday mornings as well, for those interested in a specialized class.

Our Heritage 

In communicating our message that the Bellevue Church of Christ is a place where "family" matters, it is critical that we meaningfully value the members of our family who came before us, as well as, the generations that we are raising for tomorrow.